Manny's PLAN AND Priorities

Forest Road




Manny Kess's mission is simple. He is running to make the Nevada State Treasurer's Office the most transparent one in the entire country.  You deserve to know how our state spends your money.

1. Fix Education Now

"Building a better business climate starts with improving our education system."

Nevada ranks 49th out of 50 in education. This prevents both a skilled labor workforce and innovative businesses from relocating to Nevada. Business's and laborers are both looking for a quality education for their children as much as they are a sound business climate.


Manny has publicly called for the creation of an independent Office of the Inspector General within the Nevada State Treasurer’s Office, whose purview and authorities for initiating forensic audits will be limited solely to the public K-12 realm. He will grow the tax-advantaged ‘College Savings Accounts’ program, giving more Nevada families access to higher education.

2. Bring Business Back!

"Let's work together to make Nevada the most business-friendly state in the Union."

For Nevada to be the best, we have to learn from other state's mistakes. Manny's built his business on tourism and his company not only creates jobs, but also brings revenue into Nevada. He talks to individuals, corporations, and companies everyday considering relocating to, or doing business, in Nevada.

Manny will always advocate for a better business climate that the best and brightest minds want to be a part of. We have to bring businesses to the table and include them in the discussion rather than adding more regulations and hurdles that deter innovation.

3. Build a Better Future

"We need to think beyond today and seek long term solutions to our state's problems"

Manny's aim is to have a long term strategy in place as opposed to short, simple fixes.

He would serve above and beyond just his duties as Treasurer. He would also look to serve on the boards of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the board of Governor’s Office of Economic Development, and work with local chambers throughout Nevada to understand the challenges they face.