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Meet Manny Kess





Manny has been doing business for over two decades. He's seen the ups and downs and knows the challenges of making payroll, paying vendors on time, and turning a profit.


Manny is the C.E.O. of one of the largest hospitality agencies in Nevada. He started his company from the ground up over a decade ago. His business creates jobs in Nevada and drives tourism to Nevada. 


Manny is always looking for the next great opportunity. He is an investor in 11 different companies in a variety of industries. He partners with other high profile investors and celebrities.

Success Story

Manny came to Nevada with less than a thousand dollars to his name after losing everything during the Great Recession. Today, the business he built here in Nevada has grown to over $6 million in annual revenue.


Manny Kess believes in the American dream, because he's lived it. 

He's had it all, and lost it all, and worked to get it all back again. Manny's story is about perseverance and overcoming adversity.

Growing up, Manny worked hard to achieve his dream and attend the US Naval Academy. He lost that dream when he lost his dad unexpectedly during his freshman year and had to return home to serve his family.

Manny persevered and worked hard to build a new dream and became a successful restaurant owner. Then the Great Recession hit and took it all away.


Thankfully Manny's story didn't end there, it was just getting started, and he has Nevada to thank for that.

Today, Manny is an investor, entrepreneur, and the CEO of one of the top-ranked hospitality companies in Nevada. His success story has been recognized by multiple print, online, and radio publications, including Forbes Magazine.




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