Manny Kess believes in the American dream, because he's lived it, and he has Nevada to thank for that. 

Growing up, Manny's dream was to serve his country as a Naval Aviator. He was on track to achieve that dream at the US Naval Academy when tragedy struck. Manny's father passed away unexpectedly and he made the difficult choice to give up his dream of serving his country in order to return home and serve his family instead.

Manny didn't let adversity stand in his way. He began building a new dream and went into the hospitality industry where he owned and operated a successful restaurant in New York. It was there that Manny first learned the challenges of making payroll, paying vendors on time, and turning a profit. His restaurant business was thriving until tragedy struck again in the form of the Great Recession. After enduring several years of overburdensome regulations and a tax system that wasn't transparent, Kess lost the restaurant and business he worked so hard to build up. By the end of the 2000's, Manny had lost his childhood dream, his dad, and ultimately lost everything. 


Thankfully Manny's story didn't end there, instead it was just getting started.


Manny left New York to come to Nevada. He founded a new company, and through hard work, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit, grew it to over six million dollars in annual revenue today. His business is one of the top-ranked hospitality companies in Nevada and his success story has been recognized by multiple print, online, and radio publications, including Forbes Magazine. Today he is not only a business owner, but also an investor an entrepreneur. Manny has partial ownership in several businesses that include a restaurant, a firearms manufacturer, a high end interior design firm, and a sports nutrition company among others. Kess has Nevada to thank for this success and now he wants to give back to the state that gave him so much opportunity.

Like a lot of Nevadan’s Kess and his business were challenged through the pandemic. Manny's, along with most Nevada small businesses, were declared non essential while the biggest business and corporations somehow stayed open. The lack of transparency and accountability the state showed through this process frustrated Manny and eventually drove him to take action and decide to run for Nevada State Treasurer.

Kess promises to use his small business experience and utilize everything he learned to further improve the state.  He feels strongly that Nevada needs a real plan to streamline its budget and address spending. He also wants to reduce burdensome regulations that prevent businesses from flourishing and start proposing real solutions to fix Nevada's failing education system. Manny's goal is to help make Nevada the most business friendly state in the Union, and make the Nevada State Treasurer's Office the most transparent one in the entire country.

Manny doesn't think you should have to ask government for transparency or accountability.

He thinks you DESERVE it, and that's why he will DEMAND it. 


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