Manny Kess has been a successful CEO and Investor for two decades and understands the challenges of making payroll, paying vendors on time, and turning a profit. He is running for State Treasurer to revive the small business community that has been destroyed by burdensome regulations and will fight to make sure Nevada has a real plan to recover from the current economic shutdown that has plagued the state and destroyed people’s livelihoods in the process.

Manny was born and raised in New York City and attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland after high school. During his time there, Manny suffered the tragic loss of his father and returned to care for his family. After receiving an honorable discharge Manny went into the hospitality industry and eventually opened ran a successful restaurant in New York. Unfortunately, after enduring several years of overburdensome regulations and taxes, Kess was forced to close and decided it was time to seek out a new opportunity where his business could thrive.

A decade ago Manny moved to Nevada and made it his home. Like many before him, Kess benefitted greatly from low cost of living, lack of a state income tax, and many of the simple opportunities Nevada provides. Through hard work, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit, Kess founded a new company that has grown to over six million dollars in annual revenue. His success story has since been recognized by multiple print, online, and radio publications, including Forbes Magazine. He is now an investor in several businesses including a restaurant, a firearms manufacturer, high end interior design, and sports nutrition and currently serves as CEO of one of the top-rated and successful hospitality companies based in Las Vegas.

Like a lot of Nevadan’s Kess was challenged through the pandemic last year. Like most business owners, Kess was disappointed by the lack of transparency and accountability in regard to the decisions that were forced upon families and business owners across the state. This led Kess to begin asking questions about state government and its lack of transparency and drove him to take action and decide to run for Nevada State Treasurer.

Kess promises to use his small business experience and utilize everything he learned to further improve the state.  Kess feels strongly that Nevada needs a real plan to streamline its budget and address spending. He also feels Nevada needs to reduce burdensome regulations that prevent businesses from flourishing and start proposing real solutions to fix Nevada's failing education system. Manny's goal is to help make Nevada the most business friendly state in the Union.


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