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Former Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison and Former Congressman Cresent Hardy Endorse Manny Kess

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Manny Kess, Republican candidate for Nevada State Treasurer, announced he has received endorsements from two prominent Nevada Republicans, Former Congressman Cresent Hardy, and former Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison.

“Manny Kess is a bright, young, dynamic entrepreneur whose resume speaks for itself,” said Mark Hutchison. “His energy and perspective are refreshing, and I know no one will out work him. Once elected, Manny will diligently and competently pursue his duties and responsibilities as an elected leader. Today, I am proud to officially endorse Manny for Nevada State Treasurer, and I hope others will join me in supporting him.”

Kess, the CEO of The Kess Group, has been a successful businessman for over 20 years and his success has been recognized in multiple print, online, and radio publications, including Forbes Magazine. He is also an entrepreneur and investor whose diverse portfolio includes a restaurant, a firearms manufacturer, a high-end interior design company, and a sports nutrition company, among others.

“Nevada needs a Treasurer who not only has the passion and energy to take on Nevada's problems but also the business experience to get the job done,” said Former Congressman Cresent Hardy. “Manny Kess is the right man for the job and that’s why I am officially endorsing him today.”

Since entering the race in January of this year, Kess has traveled the state six times and met with many Nevadans and local officials. Previously the Kess campaign announced it has surpassed $400,000 in contributions and is on pace to exceed its goal of $500,000 by the end of the year. The current Nevada Treasurer, Democrat Zach Conine, reported raising just under $402,000 on his final C&E report during the entire 2018 campaign cycle, a number that Kess has already exceeded.

“I continue to be incredibly encouraged and especially grateful for the support our campaign has received,” said Kess. “I’m also thankful and honored to have Mark Hutchison and Cresent Hardy endorse our campaign this week. Both have served Nevada incredibly well, both in their official roles, but also as leaders and mentors within their community here at home. Nevada has given me so much opportunity from the day I arrived here, and my goal is to help preserve that same opportunity for those that would pursue it through the generations to come.”

Manny was born and raised in New York City and attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. After his father’s tragic passing, Kess moved home and worked in sales to help support his family. Manny then went into the hospitality industry, owning and operating a popular restaurant in New York. Eventually he sought new opportunities in a business-friendly state and made his way to Nevada. Through hard work, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit, Kess founded a company in Las Vegas that has grown to over six million dollars in annual revenue, while also becoming a prominent investor in several successful companies.

To find more about Manny’s platform and his candidacy, please visit



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