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Republican Leaders in Nevada Stand by State Treasurer Candidate Manny Kess

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Kess reaffirms his commitment to seek the office of Treasurer and welcomes a primary challenge

3-21-2022 Kess PR
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Las Vegas, NV – Republican Manny Kess reaffirmed his commitment to run for Nevada State Treasurer this morning and updated his current list of endorsements from former and current Nevada elected officials. Included among those names were Former Governor Bob List and Former Attorney General Adam Laxalt. They were joined by Las Vegas City Councilwoman Victoria Seaman, Las Vegas City Councilman Stavros Anthony, State Senator Scott Hammond, State Assemblyman PK O’Neill, and several others.

“I have always been dedicated to earning every single vote on the campaign trail and I respect all of my fellow candidates who are committed in the same way,” Kess said. “The future of Nevada is bigger than any one person or candidate and having a primary challenge is simply a greater opportunity to engage voters and introduce ideas that will help shape Nevada’s future. I wish Michele Fiore and all our Republican candidates the best.”

Kess, the CEO of one of the top-rated hospitality companies in the country, is focused on bringing accountability and transparency to government. Like a lot of businesses in Nevada, Kess and his staff struggled through the pandemic but were provided very few answers. During that time Kess began to ask questions about state government that led him run for Nevada State Treasurer. He is as dedicated today as the day he decided to run.

“Nevada experienced a real lack of transparency during the pandemic, a time when they needed answers the most,” said Kess. “One man essentially decided which businesses were essential and which ones were not. Decisions were made for businesses and families without any kind of engagement or input. Meanwhile, other states managed this process better, taking input from their communities, communicating regularly, and being far more transparent.”

Over the course of his campaign to date, Kess has traveled the state nine times, raised over $500,000, and earned endorsements from a broad list of high-profile Republican leaders in Nevada. His mission is to introduce more oversight into state spending and to make the Nevada State Treasurer’s office the most transparent one in the entire country.

“I don’t just want to talk about improving Nevada’s economy or our education system, I want to actually get to work fixing them,” said Kess. “I look forward to moving dialogue forward and into action and introducing specific legislation to help fix what’s broken.”

Kess was born and raised in New York City and his dream was to serve his country as Naval Officer. That dream was seemingly fulfilled after he was accepted into the US Naval Academy. However, Kess was forced to let go of his dream to serve his country and returned home to serve his family after tragedy struck during his freshman year, when his father passed away unexpectedly. Kess went into the restaurant business with his family and experienced success until overregulation and the great recession, took its toll by the end of 2009.

Kess searched for a better opportunity and found one in Nevada where he started his company from the ground up and grew it to over six million dollars per year in annual revenue. Since then, he has become an investor in several businesses that include a restaurant, a firearms manufacturer, a high-end interior design company, and the sports nutrition industry.

To learn more about Kess’ platform and his candidacy, please visit



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